7 healthy & time-saving breakfast recipes

Breakfast is undeniably the first and healthiest thing you would have in the morning, along with your first cup of tea or coffee. Amidst lifestyle changes, shifts in the working hours, it can be really challenging to maintain healthy intake of food. Here is when one can bite some healthy and time-saving recipes for your breakfast. Check out these lip-smacking recipes, that save your time and build your health.

1. Porridge:
This is a quick one stop recipe for all those who believe in eating healthy. It is quickly made by simply adding in everything you would want to (oats, almonds, water, sugar/salt, milk, banana, honey) and cooking it in a microwave or saucepan.

2. Oats’ upma:
This might sound like a westernised version of the normal upma and indeed it is so. The only difference between a normal upma made up of rawa and other stuff is of the main ingredient. While every little process remains the same, the main ingredient is oats which adds up the health element to the dish.

3. Whole-wheat sandwiches:
Simply stuffing the right amount of quality and healthy ingredients into a well-toasted bread can get your breakfast ready in less than 10 minutes. The beauty of this universal dish is that you can experiment with its ingredients as per your taste and unique cooking style. Just take two whole-wheat bread slices, toast them with unsalted butter. Make the stuffing with most of the healthy ingredients you can think of, with added salt and pepper. Add the stuffing in the toasted bread and the whole-wheat sandwiches are ready to serve.

4. Fruit Salad:
This is undoubtedly the healthiest and time-saving breakfast recipe for you. Just peel, slice off your favourite fruits, add a dash of salt or pepper and you are good to start your day. With vital nutrients and vitamins going down your stomach in the morning hours, it energises you.

5. Healthy smoothies:
While a drink is generally seen with doubt in terms of breakfast, it could be the best way and a time-saviour. Make sure to add up only the healthy ingredients. Smoothies can take various forms, i.e. ranging from fruits, vegetables or both. You can add different flavours to them to enhance its’ visual appeal. One can try to make a coffee lavoured smoothie by blending in almond milk, a pinch of coffee, yoghurt, a handful of oats, and sugar.

6. Pancakes:
The only time required is of making the right batter. Spreading it on a pre-heated pan and flipping it over to get just the right breakfast recipe is a cakewalk. With this dish as well, one can very well experiment with the
ingredients to make it tastier and healthier.

7. Healthy Wraps:
Prepare the stuffing with smashed potatoes, thinly chopped onions, spices and drizzle it with peanut butter. You just need to add the stuffing in healthy rolls made out of wheat and you are good to go. The best part is you can always have them while you are driving or busy composing a mail in the morning rush hours. So here were top 7 recipes that not only save your morning hour rush but ensure you of healthy intake. Do try them and customise them as per your taste buds and health goals. Happy & tasty breakfast to you!