There are times when your body shows signs that need to be looked after and there are times when it does not. The best possible way is to stay prepared after a certain age. After celebrating your 30th birthday, women should become extra careful of their health. For women might have skin, lifestyle, reproductive health related problems to show up after 30. And then there are differing bodily tendencies as well. So, it is important to stay ahead in this game of maintaining one’s health.

Here are 5 health check-ups for women after 30 that women should consider taking.

1. Complete Blood Count: This could be a wake-up call for many. Examining the blood profile can be an indicator for anything that might go wrong. After 30, women must get regular check-ups to figure out if there is any kind of deficiency. With little medical attention, one can take the necessary steps and stay healthy.

2. Blood pressure: At the age of 30, it is rightful to assume that a woman has certain changes in her lifestyle that will continue to stay the same for long. The balance between professional and personal life might lead to unhealthy blood pressure levels. So it is advisable to get your BP checked in a timely and regular fashion to avoid shocks later on.

3. Thyroid test: With changing work-life and long sitting hours after 30, your thyroid gland could malfunction. It can lead to weird bodily changes. Consult a doctor when you find abnormal sleep habits, mood swings, sudden rise or decrement in your body weight. This could be an indication of abnormal function of your thyroid gland.

4. Breast cancer: Even with so much being talked about this disease, very few women are regular on checking themselves. After 30, women must make it a habit to visit a doctor and get them checked for this deadly disease. The symptoms often go unnoticed and then comes the shocking news. An early and timely check-up can lead to its cure.

5. Blood sugar test: The blood sugar levels must be maintained at the normal level. It takes into account fasting and post-fasting blood sugar levels. The lifestyle changes and a shift in the working patterns have made people susceptible to abnormal blood sugar levels. You must consult a doctor for this at least once in a year.

These were few tests which women aged 30 must make it a point to go through. Consulting a doctor only when things go wrong can land us into huge shocks and trouble. With bodily changes, lifestyle changes and differing tendencies of different women, it should become a mandate to get regular body check-ups.

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