Is cooking really therapeutic?

With modern means and constant researches going on, newer and better methods are coming up to deal with modern day stresses and mental disorders. Believe it or not, cooking has been one such way to deal with anxieties and stresses that come up unknowingly with our new lifestyles.

Even if you are cooking a meal for yourself or for others it makes a lot of sense. In your brain, you are creating something that relieves you of the stress and anxiety. Studies suggest that even if you cook all by yourself or as a group exercise, it helps you feel connected to the people you love.

It arouses in you, positive feelings, instils in a sense of fulfilment and a sense of accomplishment. Cooking, mixing together ingredients, waiting for things to cook up de-stresses you slowly, gradually and unknowingly.

Well, much has been said about cooking being therapeutic but there are proven reasons to believe.
Here are 5 benefits of cooking and proving it as a therapy. Read on to know more:

1. Rewards:
The best part of cooking is that it rewards you with a dish made up due to your
efforts. It is quite satisfying to see the end product after putting in so many culinary efforts.
This gives a great feeling to your mind and brain, arouses all the positivity and boosts your

2. Creativity:
The whole process of cooking is highly creative. Cooking simple dishes boosts
your confidence that might have gone haywire due to a rough day. It calms you to the core
and happier as well. There are studies to back that creativity enhances happiness.

3. Quality of life:
It is found that the quality of life improves with cooking. The main basic idea
is self-care and nourishment, which works well for enhancing the quality of life.

4. Keeps your brain healthy:
According to experts, cooking meals helps your brain and body
stay healthy. It makes you aware of the intake. You tend to put in all the healthy ingredients
which once you might be neglecting.

5. It stimulates your emotional well-being and can even improve your focus and retention. It
helps remove your procrastination and improves a lot of such activities that prevents your
productivity in general.

Nothing is better than experiencing it yourself. Cooking is such a wonderful art and science as well,
which acts as the best therapy one can take. Try your hand at cooking and unlock the magic that
unfolds. You will be left with just positivity, have better control over your emotions and be
productive self.