5 Ways To Check Adulterated Food

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ration is increasing& it will not be a stretch to say that almost anything that we consume daily is not safe for us. And what’s even more disturbing is that all the food items that get adulterated are items of daily use.

So, to keep ourselves safe we can perform simple tests on items and that too at home which are most likely to be adulterated.

1. Milk
Milk is one of the most consumed drinksin Indian households. So, we have to be aware of what we are taking daily is actually pure or not.

Simple tests to perform on milk will be:
A. Put some drops of milk on a slanted glass surface. If it leaves a white trail going forward, it’s pure milk; if not its adulterated.
B. If, when heated, the milk turns yellow and leaves a bitter & sticky & soapy after taste; most likely synthetic materials have been added to it.

2. Coffee Powder
We make coffee & tea everyday for ourselves & our whole family. Think what if we are developing some kind of disease that will act out slowly growing inside of us because of adulterated coffee?
Simple ways to test adulteration:
Sprinkle some coffee powder on the surface of water in a glass. The coffee will remain afloat whereas the chicory in it will sink to the bottom leaving behind a coloured trail. Too much chicory content in coffee is bad for health.

3. Chilli powder
What we are mixing daily to make our vegetables
could turn out to be an adulterated version of chilli powder which can lead us to an unhealthy stomach & whatnot.

Simple test to identify the adulteration:
Mix a spoon of chilli powder in a glass of water. If you spot a coloured water extract forming, it is because the chilli powder is not pure but adulterated.

4. Turmeric Powder
Turmeric powder is used in eatables & also many domestic medicinal purposes. For eg.Its advisable to have turmeric infused milk to boost immunity.
But what happens if the turmeric we use is not really turmeric rather something really unhealthy?

Simple test to check for adulteration:
A. Mix a spoonful of haldi in a glass of warm water. Keep it aside for few minutes. If at all the haldi powder is impure and unadulterated, the powder wont settle down in the glass completely. Also, the water would appear to be cloggy and unclear.
B. A few drops of concentrated HCL in a test tube containing turmeric powderwill reveal the purity of it. Appearance of purple, pink or violet shades in the resultant mixture confirms impurity.

5. Ice Cream
Yes, your beloved ice cream is not just icecream but a lot more than that & not in a good way. What if it is adulterated and it is poisoning your whole family?

Simple Test to check for adulteration
If the ice cream starts to fizz & froth on adding lemon juice to it; then most likely, it has washing powder in it.

There can be adulteration in anything and everything which we use in our kitchen. These simple tricks come in handy if we have an eye to see through what is in front of us. Besides there is no harm in checking. We hope that you were helped by this article.
So next time just be a little more cautious while you buy any food item.
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