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To Your Favourite Snacks This Monsoon

There is something strangely festive about the monsoons. Rains not only lift up our moods after the tireless scorching summer heat, but also fire up our appetite and cravings for some really delicious, but unhealthy snacks.

It is more than normal to get enticed to munch on something greasy, hot, crispy or even spicy treats that enhances the monsoon experience. However, it is important to note here that these little cravings every now and then will certainly rob you off the hard work you have been putting in by working out, trying to get your weight back on track. If you have been wondering how to replace these deliciously unhealthy snacks with something healthy yet equally lip-smacking, read on.

Pakodas Grilled sandwiches

We Indians tend to have our ways with ingredients and spices, coming up consistently with some of the most desirous dishes. Be it onion pakodas or mirchi bhajjis, served with a cup of hot piping tea, fried food is everyone’s favourite. However, these snacks soak in a lot of oil impacting your weight and affecting your cholesterol levels.

So, keeping both taste and health in mind, you can instead go for a grilled sandwich with some fresh crisp vegetables, clubbed with some cheese for taste. A healthy and delicious alternative. 

Samosa Aloo Chaat

Who wouldn’t crave for a plate of hot samosas with a cup of tea during the monsoons? However, for some, it can cause a stomach upset with acidity and might as well add on to your weight if had in excessive numbers. Additionally, the oil used for deep frying is possibly of low quality due to repeated usage of the same oil for several days.

Even though a plate of hot samosas can be quite enticing, for the sake of your health, you can easily replace it with aloo Chaat or aloo dahi chaat or a simple baked aloo chaat. You can add in sprouts, veggies, corn to make it look appealing and with its health element on. This is not only healthy, but also easy and delicious to make.


Let’s face it – there is nothing in the world that can possibly beat the taste of golgappa! This mouthwatering snack is easily available on the roadside. However, while street food can taste delicious, with waterborne diseases high during the monsoon, you can never be too sure about the hygiene aspect of the water used.

So instead, you can make your own plate of golgappas at home and enjoy it with your family. The stuffing could me made healthier with adding in sprouts or making the golgappas with wheat flour or semolina. Considering the fact that this lip-smacking snack is comparatively low in calories in contrast to other greasy snacks, making golgappas at the comfort of your home with the hygiene intact, is a brilliant alternative.

Rice crispies Sprouts Salad

With absolutely pleasant weather outside, it is quite natural to get tempted to buy yourself your favourite pack of crispies or wafers. But snacks, specifically made of rice, absorb a whole lot of oil. So, it is important to be careful when you choose your snacks.

In fact, you can make yourself a sprouts salad. Even though a sprouts salad might sound boring, when you add your personalized assorted vegetables and some simple seasoning, it might as well be quite healthy.

Aloo bhujia/Moong dal Poha

We might all be a little guilty of losing count of the number of sachets we empty of our very favourite aloo bhujia or other kinds of namkeens/mixtures. We tend to lose track of time, losing ourselves in the crispiness of the little strands of flavour. However, these snacks are disastrous to health as they are usually deep fried in old and repeatedly used oil and are kept fresh through preservatives. In fact, when these snacks are consumed for prolonged periods, it can even lead to hypertension or dyslipidemia.

Instead, make yourself a bowl of healthy and tasty poha adding in your healthy ingredients. It is not only low on calories, but also tastes delicious.

While it might be tempting to fall prey to greasy unhealthy snacks, if you want to enjoy the rains while snacking on a healthy diet, you should definitely try the healthy alternatives listed above. It is simple, healthy, filling and quite delicious.