Top 5 Tips To Learn From Women To Save More In Your Monthly Budget

We believe that people are born with the habit of saving & It cannot be developed. But, it is nowhere close to the truth, making it a taboo; a widely accepted myth. Women are supposedly assumed to be good in money handling. Budgeting for the month, planning the groceries, keeping the contingency stock at all times and many other things, comes naturally to them. They make the best of what they have. So, let’s look at what we can learn from women when it comes to saving money in a monthly budget.

1. Create and stick to a budget
Budgeting is to assess your income against your expenditure and set a limit so that you don’t end up spending a good chunk of your income & loose the track of your expenditure. Poor budgeting always throws you don in shortfall of money. So, better define your needs and set a limit on how much to spend.

2. Negotiate where necessary
A penny saved is a penny earned. Negotiate where necessary & also while you can. There is always a sweet time space in which you can negotiate with a seller, mid-conversation, be prepared for it before the conversation starts because after that window of opportunity closes, you are going to be losing money rather than saving. Women are masters when it comes to negotiating. Accompany them on a trip to the vegetable market and closely monitor how the conversation goes. Make the most out of it.

3. Differentiate between needs and wants
Urgency in needs won’t always be equal at all times. You can always push some things to the next month. Find the fine line between what is needed and what can be pushed or avoided.

4. Equally appreciate the next best
It obvious that we want the best for us. But in most of the cases, the next best thing is not even considered an option because we are too proud sometimes to lay an eye upon it. Here, we are not questioning your ability to judge, but we want to bend you towards the fact that second options are worth your attention. Have an eye for all that is available to you. Make a wise and informed decision.

5. Be Happy with what you come home with
There are many things which you will want to buy and you will not be able to buy it, because, the first rule is you should not disregard your budget under any normal circumstances. So, don’t get bitter about it. Its life- full of ups and downs. Also, if you start being bitter, you will stop embracing it. And, when you stop embracing it, you always are on a clock to loose the discipline & habit of sticking to a budget. Watch out for the pitfalls that a woman dodges every day. It is not easy, and its sure not going to be easy when you start out. But, you will reap the benefits of this, in many other ways. Make monthly progress & keep your composure. Things will fall in place & eventually it’s going to get into your habit.