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areness. There are various adulterated foods that we consume regularly such as soft drinks with added artificial colours that lead to innumerous harmful effects on our health.

Below is the list of five long-term harmful effects of consuming adulterated food :-

Impaired Gut Health

Food adulteration is one of the most common felonies in the world. One of the simplest ways to understand this would be by looking at apples which are coated with wax. This is precisely why it is important to be extremely careful while selecting apples. Make sure that you peel off the apple skin with a knife. In case, you see a rubbery wax coating coming off, it implies that the apple is coated with wax to increase its shelf-life, causing severe damage to the gut. Consumption of processed foods adulterated with constituents such as lead leaves harmful effects on the gut.

Vulnerability to Various Diseases

By consuming adulterated food, we can also develop various chronic diseases besides food poisoning, diarrhoea, dysentery, stomach disorder or even lathyrism cancer! The chemicals and extremely poor quality substances added to the food are solely responsible for these health conditions. In certain cases, adulterated foods can even lead to abortion or a severe brain damage.

Degraded Mental Health

Many green vegetables are also adulterated with various types of food dyes which can have adverse effects on our nervous system, for instance lack of concentration in children and forgetfulness along with convulsions. The simplest way of identifying adulteration in green vegetables is by dipping the leaves in hot paraffin oil. If you see the greens are leaving out some colour, it means that it is adulterated with dyes, having a negative impact on a child’s physical and mental health.

Leads to Fatal Body Ailments

Food adulteration has a range of harmful effects on our health. It leads to toxicity in the body, eventually leading in body paralysis or in extreme cases, death. This makes it all the more important to detect adulterants. Some of these adulterants are extremely toxic for the body and can lead to heart failure, kidney malfunctioning, liver disorders, and numerous fatal health conditions. Adulteration invariably affects the quality of the product by diminishing its nutritive value, thereby leading to nutrition deficiency in the body.

Impaired Respiratory Function

Plastic adulterants in food have become very common nowadays. Its residues damage the complete respiratory system. Children consume a lot of processed chips. Unfortunately, some of them contain plastic which in the long run could cause asthma and other respiratory irritation. In order to detect this adulteration, all you have to do is try burning it. If it contains plastic, it will burn into ashes with high flames.


Food adulteration is a major problem in India, posing severe health risks to everyone. Starting right from our regular groceries, to anything we consume from food stalls, everything is at risk of being adulterated. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and identify adulterants in food. With quality food products from Kisan Kirana, be rest assured for the food you are consuming!